7 Steps to Prevent Spread of Virus

? Wash your hands frequently
? Avoid touching your face
? Cover your cough
?? Avoid crowded places
? Stay home if unwell

More tips from @WHO to protect yourself & others during #COVID19:

Check small video w 7 steps : http://bit.ly/2u1Ybvr


Great News for Tourism Industry : CDC no longer recommends 14-day self quarantine for travelers !

Returning from overseas or out of state? The CDC removes its 14-day quarantine recommendation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has removed its recommendations for travelers to complete a self-imposed 14-day quarantine period after traveling out of state or the country, according to USA Today.

While it no longer recommends that every traveler isolates for two weeks after returning from a trip, it advises following the local recommendations of your state or city upon return. Several states — most famously New York — still require a period of quarantine after returning from a majority of U.S. states.

The CDC still points out that you may become exposed to COVID-19 during your travels and that if you were indeed exposed at any point, there is a chance you could spread the disease to those in your family, your friends and the community at large. 

While the previous CDC recommendations were just that — recommended protocols for anyone choosing to travel — the states that have put travel restrictions in place for residents have set up more systems for monitoring and enforcing the mandatory quarantines.

New York City, for example, has set up health checkpoints at major points of entry to the city and more recently has begun requiring anyone who is staying at a hotel or vacation rental property to fill out a health declaration form. It solicits contact information so that the city can more effectively stay in touch with a given person for contact tracing and quarantine enforcement.

And, those who violate these requirements are subject to whatever penalties a given locality has decided to impose — in the case of New York City, you could be charged with a Class-B misdemeanor or face fines.

Since several states have taken matters into their own hands concerning travel restrictions and their enforcement, not much has changed for travelers with the changing of the CDC’s recommendations for travel. Before you decide to travel anywhere, be sure that you’re aware of the risks of doing so, and do your research on the destination to which you’re traveling so that there are no surprises about restrictions on that destination, whether you’re traveling to or returning from it.


Feliz dia dos Pais

Feliz dia dos Pais a todos os homens incríveis que nos criaram !

Hoje e para voce ???

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Tracking Hurricane Isaias: Stay alert and prepared

Hurricane Isaias is currently on track to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall to parts of Florida, particularly the eastern portion of the state.

The exact path of storms can be difficult to predict, so we encourage everyone to stay aware of the forecast and prepare for the possibility of power outages.

Hurricane winds can blow large, heavy objects and send them crashing into homes. Anything not secured may become a deadly or damaging projectile.

Please make sure you bring lawn furniture inside, as well as outdoor decorations or ornaments, trash cans, basketball hoops, awnings, umbrellas or anything else that can be picked up by the wind. NEVER put objects in the pool. This may damage the objects and cause serious metal staining problems in your pool water.

Click on the below link below for more information regarding Hurricane Isaias : 





Properties that are with guests rentals we are informing and requesting to save all furnitures from outside patio inside property and properties vacancy we are saving outside Furnitures inside garage or home.

Any other questions please feel free to contact us and emergency we suggest you to call 911 immediately.

Homeowners tips : Getting Ready For The Storm, What To Do Now

  • Be certain you have adequate insurance on your home and its contents. Review your insurance coverage in detail with your agent. 
  • Ask your insurance agent or company what you can do to reduce your chance of loss, such as installing hurricane shutters.
  • Photograph or videotape your home and contents for insurance purposes.
  • Make copies of family and personal records.
  • Do not assume that the local, State, or Federal governments will be able to provide for your needs. You must take steps to be self-sufficient. Be prepared: make sure you have food, clothing, medication, and other supplies available for a week or more. During an emergency or recovery operation, public agencies will be flooded with requests for assistance. Resources will be and should be directed to the most vulnerable and needy members of the greater community.

Our Wonder Vacation Homes Team will be here and following all situations to make as smoothly as possible this Hurricane Season.

Hurricane Isaias is currently on track to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall to parts of Florida, particularly the eastern portion of the state. The exact path of storms can be difficult to predict – so we encourage everyone to stay aware of the forecast and prepare for the possibility of power outages. 

We are carefully monitoring the storm, saving furnitures inside ours availables units and communicating with guests to make the same way in occupied units, Closing Locking Windows and Doors, Preparing all Inside for most safe areas and overlooking each property.

We understand that adding a hurricane and the potential for extended outages to an already stressful time is not easy, which is why we’re encouraging customers to prepare now. Because conditions can change rapidly, we urge you to stay tuned to the latest advisories on Isaias from the National Weather Service and to check out these safety and storm preparation reminders above.

Stay Safe !