Wonder Vacation Homes at 2021 VRMA International Conference

Our CFO, Bruno Scarabottolo, attended this year’s Internacional Conference to check the latest Tourism updates and forecasts on Rental Markets and Hotel Markets for Florida, participating in panel discussions including:

Business Strategy
Data and Revenue Management
Finance and Legal Operations
Guest Relations
Housekeeping and Maintenance
International Marketing
Owner Relations
Property Services


It is a pleasure to meet with old friends and new ones at this International Conference to be able to talk about our management company and market! We saw that WVH is Outperforming with our System and techniques ahead of the market media performance overall and have great solutions for all areas we serve due to our hotel experience (3rd generation Hotel Owners) and knowledge of our rental market actuation area for more than 7 years in Florida.


We also received the feedback information about the low occupancy happening since Covid-19 pandemic and still affecting our market in US (both Hotel and Rentals Market), specially on Low Season (Due travel restrictions for international travelers and Delta Variant Marketing plus face-to-face School Classes comeback after Aug 15). The forecast to return Occupancy as 2019 index basis stated that is expected to be between 1 and 2 years more before the pre-pandemic occupancy and demand. Also on the contrary, they saw the ADR increase during the last 3 months of Summer (June, July and August), and this was in sync with WVH trends and feeling of market. Everybody is expecting the reopening for international markets for travelers to the USA in November as the great turn and ignition to more stable performance.

WVH also set new partnerships during this conference improving marketing and sales performance. We also received possibility to increase networking from our company with new partners and companies, which will bring us more business and high performance results.

We are in the last steps for integrating sales with Marriott Bonvoy (More than 150 Million Users World Wide), FindRentals (Experienced Bookings Provider), and Google Rentals (Driving Direct Bookings with this new Channel).

Finally WVH was able to meet with the great Experienced Rentals Gurus as @MattLandau (PM and Founder of VRMB) and @MattRoberts (30.000 V.Homes and 800M/y sales), and discuss ideas about future changes, predictions, and position on the market. Great solutions are coming from those meetings!!

We are very proud to see that WVH is aligned with the most modern and greatest U.S systems to produce the best results and most high occupancies as possible while delivering a great guest experience with our full service property Management Company focus on Hotel Experience and High Performance, our team is delivering a super over market result where we serve and work hard daily to keep these standards at Wonder Vacation Homes!


Working for your loved ones it’s a noble act, but rest is essential too. In this day, it’s time to rest, relax and enjoy the well-deserved break.💪🏼

Our WONDERful team is available to help our clients to book a vacation home! Make sure you book your home within this time and enjoy our new standards! See you soon!

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Hello WVH family!

At this moment, we are following the last marketing updates to increase bookings and occupancy for ours Vacation Homes!

Make sure you book your home directly with us within this time and enjoy our new standards!

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Florida Gov. DeSantis suspends all remaining Covid restrictions: ‘We are no longer in a state of emergency’

Florida governor Ron DeSantis on Monday lifted all Covid-19 restrictions in the US state, effective immediately, citing the effectiveness and availability of vaccines.

DeSantis signed a law invalidating local emergency orders — which impose restrictions due to Covid-19 — effective July 1, and then signed an executive order that bridges the gap between now and then. 

“That’s the evidence thing to do,” the Republican governor said at a news conference in St Petersburg, referring to the reduction in infections and deaths as the vaccine rollout continues.

Nearly nine million people — out of a total of 23 million residents — have had at least one dose of the vaccine in Florida, according to the US health department. 

“At this point, the people that haven’t been vaccinated is certainly not because a lack of supply or a lack of availability,” he added. 

The vaccine was made available last Friday for everyone over the age of 16 without the need for proof of state residency, a document that had been required since January to cope with the initial high demand. 

This enabled vaccinations for undocumented migrants, who had difficulty proving their residency, and, tacitly, so-called vaccine tourism. 

DeSantis criticized the strict security measures that remain in place in other states. 

He said that those who still say they need to police residents are therefore saying they “don’t believe in the vaccines.” 

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are available, in many cases without appointment, at federal, state and county centers; in addition to numerous pharmacies and supermarkets. 

DeSantis added that neither the state nor county and municipal governments can close businesses for failing to comply with pandemic measures.

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